How Jeanette Adair Bradshaw Influenced the Movie Industry

How Jeanette Adair Bradshaw Influenced the Movie Industry

Not a long time ago, Morgan Freeman was a talented man without a strong presence in the movie industry. That was when he finally met Jeanette Adair Bradshaw one of the most influential women of the previous century. You may not believe, that Jeanette was the milestone for Morgan Freeman’s explicit growth during the 20th century but that’s the whole truth.

She was one of the best students in her class, living in New York with her family and receiving the upgrade education that all people wanted at that time. Exiting the notorious times after the second world war, Jeanette was a forceful teenager who wanted to change the world. After meeting and mating with Morgan Freeman, she decided to take the long life journey with him and create a happy family. Even though they didn’t know each other very well, Jeanette was the one to step back and follow her husband, supporting his career 100% and being there when he needed her.

jeanette adair bradshaw
jeanette adair bradshaw

Jeanette Was There in Freeman’s Early Acting Steps

Morgan Freeman was just another African American actor during the roaring sixties. No director was really fond of having him in castings and he had some minor roles in theaters on Broadway. However, ever since he met Jeanette his whole life changed and turned upside down. People believe that it was Jeanette Adair Bradshaw the one who helped Morgan Freeman overcome his fears and become one of the best actors in Hollywood. 

That’s when they decided to move in together and start talking about marriage and family. They decided to move to Los Angeles and be closer to the filming industry. That happened to ensure that Morgan would have even more chances for greater roles that would eventually lead to the Academy Award and financial freedom. Let’s see how the story goes after they have moved to the West Coast and how life with Jeanette has positively influenced Morgan Freeman to perform some of the most influential roles in his entire career.

They Got Married During 60ies

It was a time that the American society would never approve of a common-law marriage or relationship. Even though Morgan has one child from his first (and brief) marriage, Jeanette was the one who wanted to get married during the late sixties. Their wedding was programmed for 1967 when they finally decided to stay together and exchange vows of mutual love and support.

When they got married Morgan Freeman’s career started to skyrocket. Everyone liked the way he acted on camera and the way he spoke. However, it was only after they got together with Jeanette Adair Bradshaw that Morgan unleashed his talent and became one of the best actors in Hollywood history. That has to do with his ability to have a peaceful life at home and a loyal wife who was waiting for him to come back home without any drama.

Adopted Three Kids

It’s true that during their 12 years of marriage and common life Jeanette and Morgan adopted three kids and also had one biological daughter. That is what they thought it was good to do at this time since all kids deserved to live in a happy family even when they had no parents that were concerned about their well-being. Their family lasted for a long and Jeanette was the connecting link between all of them, keeping the family dream alive.

Jeanette Bradshaw Filed For a Divorce in Late 70ies

Even though Jeanette and Morgan seemed to be in love all the time, clouds were also present in their marriage. Morgan’s career started getting higher and higher, and Morgan was nominated for an Academy Award several times during the seventies. However, he needed to be out of home for several weeks throughout the year, leaving Jeanette alone to deal with all the issues of bringing up four children. Also, Morgan had some rumors following him about cheating with other actresses, and that led to the divorce that Jeanette filed for in 1979. They finally got divorced, but they still maintain the greatest of relationships and bonding.

She Doesn’t Like Publicity At All

Even though Jeanette was one of the most famous wives in America she never liked publicity. Paparazzi were always outside her house trying to get some pictures of her with the kids and even frame Morgan when he visited to see their kids. She was asked to give some interviews on public television networks but she was always denying it since she knew that she had to apologize for her decision to file for a divorce with Morgan, who was like a saint to many Americans by that time.

Jeanette Tried To Enter the Show Business Lately

Lately, we have seen some efforts by Jeanette Adair Bradshaw to enter the show business again being on the side of her ex-husband Morgan Freeman. However, her efforts to have her own show on TV were not granted and she just started to have some comments on public TV whenever she was asked to do so. 

It was so hard for her to cope with the increasing living costs that could make her even more bankrupt and that is the main reason she wanted to be back as a pure persona on TV and entertain the world with her talent and brio. 

She Experienced The Brutal Murder of Her Granddaughter

Finally, it’s true that her granddaughter was slaughtered in 2015 making her so sad she couldn’t get over it. The murder happened in Washington DC where the 33-year-old Deena Adair was murdered by her boyfriend with 25 different stubbings at one time.

Jeanette has decided to be out of the show biz for some time after that cruel event. That’s why she always is away from the publicity lights and keeps her relationship with Morgan Freeman away from the cameras. Today she lives peacefully in her memories spending the last days of her life in peace without any health issues that could threaten her well-being.


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