How did Stouffers Stuffing fare?

How did Stouffers Stuffing fare?


The holiday season is here and people everywhere are preparing for the big day. Stouffers is one of those brands that people are looking to buy as gifts. Which means there’s a lot of pressure on them. This review will answer all your questions about what it’s like to eat stuffing from Stouffer’s

No one is stuffing their Stouffers.

Stouffers Stuffing is a brand of Nestle that’s been around since the 1970s. It was originally known for its frozen meals but has since expanded to include other products like soups and desserts. The company makes thousands of different items on multiple levels—from soup mixes to yogurt toppings.

Stouffers Stuffing isn’t the only item in this line. There are also Beef Supper Sausage Links and Bacon-Wrapped Meat. Loaf with Stuffing Mixes are available at most grocery stores across America (and maybe even abroad). These delicacies have made their way into households all over America because they’re inexpensive and easy to prepare!

Inside the box

The box contains two packages of stuffing mix, a small packet of chicken broth and no water, milk, or oil. There are no eggs and butter.

The instructions on how to prepare the stuffing read: “Place 1/2 cup of fresh breadcrumbs in a bowl.” And then there’s this passage: “Add 2-3 tablespoons melted butter or margarine,” followed by directions for mixing everything together until you have what looks like oatmeal (or maybe even cornflakes). It sounds like something you’d find in an old Betty Crocker cookbook—but it’s not what Stouffer’s customers were expecting when they bought their boxes at Walmart or Target stores across America over the past few years!

How long do you cook it?

Stouffers stuffing is a great choice for your Thanksgiving dinner. It’s made with real butter and fresh ingredients, so you know the turkey will taste delicious when it comes out of the oven.

If you’re cooking this meal at home, make sure that your oven is on before you start preheating it—and set an alarm if necessary! It should take about 40 minutes for the stuffing to cook through. Once it’s done, let everyone dig in!

The hard part, what it looks like when cooked.

The hard part, what it looks like when cooked.

When you open the box, there’s a big hunk of turkey that looks and feels like breaded chicken nuggets. It has a similar texture to those but with more flavor than just chicken. It’s not bad by any means, but it doesn’t compare to other brands in terms of taste or texture (and I mean this as both good and bad).

The Taste test.

When it comes to taste, Stouffers Stuffing was not my favorite. The stuffing was very bland and didn’t have any flavor at all. It tasted like something you would get from a box of cornbread stuffing mix, but with breadcrumbs instead of cornmeal or cornflakes.

I also thought that their recipe could be improved upon because most people don’t like their food being too salty so this may be why they decided not to add salt in the recipe itself. However, I think if they did add some salt then it would improve their product overall just as long as it didn’t become too salty or overpowering for people who aren’t used to eating such things!


Stouffers Stuffing reputations are on the line. The company is known for its high quality and consistency, which are the cornerstones of a customer-centric brand. Stouffers’ new packaging looks great, but it also makes it difficult for people to tell what’s inside unless they read the label carefully.


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