Skypessä: How to Use Skype in Finnish

Skypessä: How to Use Skype in Finnish

As a foreign resident or visitor to Finland, you may find yourself needing to use the popular video calling platform Skype to communicate with colleagues, friends, or family. While Skype has many great features for connecting people across borders, conducting calls in Finnish can be intimidating for non-native speakers. This article will provide you with tips and strategies for using Skype effectively in Finnish. From account setup to managing calls, you’ll learn key vocabulary and phrases to help you navigate Skype conversations and meetings. With the guidance provided here, you’ll gain confidence in your Finnish language abilities and make the most of Skype for keeping in touch from Finland. Whether you’re chatting one-on-one or conferencing with a group, this article will equip you to skypessä like a Finn in no time.

Getting Started With Skypessä

To begin using Skype in Finnish (Skypessä), you will first need to download the Skype app on your desktop computer or mobile device. Skypessä has free apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. Once you have installed the app, you will create a Skype account or sign in with an existing Microsoft account.

Set Up Your Profile

Your Skype profile allows you to share information about yourself with other Skype users. You can add a profile photo, status message, and mood message. You can also select your country/region and language, which for Skypessä will be Finland and Finnish. Provide as much or as little detail as you like, but keep in mind that all information you enter will be visible to your Skype contacts.

Add Contacts

The key to using Skype is adding contacts. You can add other Skype users by searching for their Skype name or email address. You will also need to provide your own Skype name or link to your profile to allow others to add you as a contact. Once you have added contacts, their names and profile photos will appear in your Skype contact list. You can then call, video call, instant message, or share files with your contacts whenever you like.

Make Calls

To make a call in Skypessä, simply select a contact from your list and click the “Call” or “Video Call” button. If your contact accepts the call, you will be connected. You may need to enable video in Skype’s settings to make a video call. During calls, you can share your screen, send files, or switch between audio and video. Skype calls to other Skype users are free, but calling mobile phones and landlines does incur charges.

By setting up your profile, adding contacts, and making calls, you will be connected and communicating with others in Finnish through Skypessä in no time. Let Skype bring you and your friends together, even when you’re apart!

Exploring Skypessä Features


Video Calling

One of the most popular features of Skypessä is video calling, which allows you to make face-to-face calls with up to 50 people at a time. To start a video call, open a conversation with a contact and select the video camera icon. Your camera will turn on, and you’ll see live video of your contact if they accept the call. Video calling is a great way to feel close with friends and family, even when you’re far apart.

Voice Calling

In addition to video calling, you can make audio-only calls with Skypessä. To call a contact by voice, open a conversation and select the phone icon. Your contact will receive a notification that you’re calling, and can choose to accept or decline the call. Voice calling uses your device’s microphone and speaker, and is a convenient option when video isn’t needed or possible. ###Messaging

Skypessä also offers instant messaging for convenient conversations with your contacts. You can send text messages, photos, videos, voice messages, emoticons and more. To start a conversation, select the messaging icon next to a contact’s name. Type your message into the text field at the bottom of the window and press Enter to send. Messaging is a quick and easy way to stay in touch with friends and coworkers throughout the day.

File Sharing

Skypessä makes it simple to share files like documents, photos, and videos with your contacts. To share a file, open a conversation and select the attachment icon. Choose a file from your device and it will be sent immediately. Your contact will receive a notification that you’ve shared a file, which they can then view, download, or save. File sharing allows you to collaborate and exchange information efficiently using Skypessä.

In summary, Skypessä offers video calling, voice calling, instant messaging, and file sharing to help you stay connected with important people in your life. With its selection of communication tools and options, Skypessä has something for every need.

Utilizing Skypessä for Various Purposes


Business Communications

For business professionals, Skypessä provides an effective platform for virtual meetings and conferences. Through video calling, you can connect with colleagues, clients, and business partners around the world. Skypessä allows for screen sharing, enabling you to give presentations, share documents, and collaborate in real time. For companies with remote teams or international offices, Skypessä facilitates efficient communication and fosters close-knit working relationships regardless of physical distance.

Connecting With Friends and Family

Skypessä is a popular way to stay in touch with friends and family. Whether you have loved ones living abroad or just across town, seeing each other face to face through live video can help strengthen your emotional connection. Skypessä video calls are an intimate way to share life’s big moments like birthdays, holidays, vacations, and other celebrations together, even when you can’t be together in person. For many, Skypessä has become an integral part of nurturing relationships with the people who matter most.

Learning a New Language

If you’re learning a new language, Skypessä can connect you with native speakers for an immersive learning experience. Speaking with others is one of the best ways to improve pronunciation, expand your vocabulary, and become more fluent. On Skypessä, you can find language exchange partners, join group conversations, and even work with professional tutors. Hearing and using the language in context will accelerate your learning in a way that books and apps alone cannot. With Skypessä, the world can be your classroom.

In summary, Skypessä video calling has transformed the way we live and work. From building businesses to bonding with loved ones to gaining new skills, Skypessä enables meaningful connections that transcend physical limitations. Harnessing technology for human interaction, Skypessä brings people together in an authentic way. For that reason, Skypessä has become an essential tool for productivity, relationships, and personal growth in the modern world.

Why People Love Skypessä

Skype has become an indispensable tool for both personal and business communication.### Convenience Skypessä makes it extremely convenient to connect with friends, family, and colleagues across the globe. You can call anyone on Skype for free, as long as they also have a Skype account. All you need is an Internet connection and a device with a camera and microphone. This allows people to stay in touch no matter where they are in the world.

Cost Savings

In addition to free video and voice calls, Skype also provides affordable options to call landlines or mobile phones. Skype calling rates are typically much lower than traditional phone services. For businesses, Skype can significantly cut costs from travel and telecommunications budgets. Employees can collaborate via video conference instead of traveling to meetings, and businesses can use Skype Number to provide local phone numbers in over 60 countries.

Ease of Use

Skype is designed to be simple to use, even for those with limited technical skills. The interface is clean and intuitive. You can easily find friends to call by searching for their name or Skype username. During calls, features like screen sharing, document sharing, and group video make collaboration simple. For businesses, Skype for Business provides additional tools to schedule meetings, share presentations, and manage contacts.


Skype utilizes advanced voice and video technology to provide high call quality and reliability. Calls are encrypted end-to-end to protect your privacy. Skype also has excellent customer service and provides status updates if there are any service interruptions. For businesses, Skype for Business offers enterprise-grade security, compliance, and control features.

In summary, Skype has become so widely used because it makes connecting with others extremely convenient, affordable, easy, and reliable. By leveraging the latest communication technologies, Skype helps bring people together across the globe.

The Future of Skypessä

Skypessä has evolved tremendously over the years to become a fundamental communication tool for both personal and professional use. As technology and connection speeds progress, Skypessä will likely incorporate additional features to enhance the user experience.

Improved call quality

With 5G networks on the horizon, Skypessä calls will benefit from faster data speeds, lower latency and the ability to connect more devices at once. This will enable higher quality audio and video calls with less lag or buffering. The higher bandwidth will also support new features like group video calling with more participants.

Integrated business solutions

Skypessä for Business already provides useful tools for companies like video conferencing, screen sharing and group chat. Future updates may integrate Skypessä more closely with popular business software like Microsoft Office 365 or G Suite. This could include scheduling calls directly from your calendar, sharing documents on-screen during calls or saving call recordings and transcripts in a shared drive.

Virtual and augmented reality

As virtual and augmented reality technologies become more mainstream, Skypessä may incorporate new ways to interact and share experiences over a distance. For example, holographic calling could enable life-size 3D representations of contacts. Augmented reality lenses might allow you to see virtual images, documents or other media overlaid on top of the real world during a call. While still far-fetched, these types of futuristic features could take virtual communication to the next level.

The future of Skypessä and communication technology overall looks bright. While the pace of change can feel rapid, Skypessä has remained dedicated to building connections between people all over the world. By continuing to push the boundaries of what’s possible, Skypessä will open up new opportunities to learn, work and share life’s moments together despite any distance. The future is unwritten, but if the last decade is any indication, the best is yet to come.

Skypessä FAQ

Skypessä, how do I make a call?

To make a Skype call, first select a contact from your contacts list or enter their Skype username or phone number. Then click the “Call” button to connect the call. You can also click the video call button to make a video call with your contact.

Skypessä, how do I answer a call?

When someone calls you on Skype, you will see a notification on your screen with the caller’s name and profile picture. Click the “Answer” button to accept the call or click “Decline” to reject the call. You can also click “Video Call” to answer with video or just audio.

Skypessä, how do I add contacts?

To add a new contact on Skype, click the “Add Contact” button at the top of your contacts list. Enter the Skype username, name, email address or phone number of the person you want to add. Skype will search the network and connect you if a match is found. Your contact will receive a notification that you’ve added them, and they’ll need to accept your request before you can chat or call.

Skypessä, how do I start a group call?

To start a group call on Skype, first select multiple contacts from your contacts list by holding down the Ctrl or Command key while clicking on names. Then click the “Call” or “Video Call” button at the top to connect with all selected contacts at once. Group calls can have up to 24 participants. All participants will receive a notification that they’ve been added to the group call.


In conclusion, Skype can be an invaluable tool for learning and practicing Finnish, allowing you to connect with native speakers around the world. By mastering key vocabulary and phrases for using Skype in Finnish, you open up exciting possibilities for improving your listening and speaking abilities. The tips outlined here provide a strong foundation, but don’t be afraid to experiment, make mistakes, and find your own path. With consistent practice on Skype, you will gain confidence in your Finnish skills. The world is at your fingertips – nauti matkasta!


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