How can you explain Serial kuthira?

How can you explain Serial kuthira?


Serial kuthira is an account of two darlings and their battle to be together.

Serial kuthira

It is a heartfelt activity show Kuthira Serial that follows the tale of Vikram Singh and Niharika. who are isolated after their marriage. After years, they meet again. when the two of them get into a circumstance where Vikram should save Niharika from unavoidable demise.

Kuthira is a serial that was broadcasted on Vijay television. This serial was composed by Jeeva and coordinated by Sivasankar Deva. The story spins around the existence of five individuals who are meeting up to track down. Their way of life as people and as a component of a bigger family.

The serial stars Rahul Devraj as Vikram Kuthira Serial and Niharisha as Niharika. Alongside different entertainers like Divyanshu Pandey (Rajasthan), Anuj Saxena (Bharat), and India Mukherji (Rajasthan) in supporting jobs.


The tale of Kuthira Serial is around two sisters who were hitched to one another. In any case, their folks didn’t endorse their marriage. However, they got hitched. After numerous long stretches of marriage. Their spouses passed on in a mishap and their families believed. They should get separated with the goal could remarry once more. The young ladies declined because then they would likewise lose their home (which had a place with one of them). They concluded that they would live respectively until one kicks the bucket first or then again on the off chance. That both occur simultaneously, both will acquire all that from one another’s homes


A legend is a young fellow, who was brought into the world in Thoothukudi. He is a capable player in kuthira serial. He is Sathish Kumar and he has many fans across the world as a result of his attractive features and beguiling character.

The legend has been assuming various parts in motion pictures like “Kuthiraiyyaan”, “Maduraikkanal” and so on, however this time he will be viewed as an entertainer in Kuthiraiyyan Serial which will be broadcasted soon on Star Vijay Television station (Station Number: 7).

Courageous woman

  • Name: Kuthira
  • Age: 21 years of age
  • Family: Mother, father, sibling, and sister.
  • Foundation: She has a place with a working-class family in Chennai. Her dad is an overseer in the police office and her mom is a housewife. Kuthira has one more youthful sibling who studies till the tenth Kuthira Serial norm however doesn’t have any desire to read up further because of a paranoid fear of having one more youngster at home as he is now hitched with two kids (a kid and young lady). He needs his significant other’s help concerning dealing with the two children so he doesn’t believe they should assist much with bringing up their little girl since she will ultimately turn into a grown-up lady if they do so presently!


serial kuthira is an excellent serial where the legend and courageous woman are connected. The story rotates around the existence of two kin Kuthira Serial who are on a close-to-home excursion with their folks, aunts, and uncles. The plot additionally addresses a few issues like love, family relations, and so on. For my purposes, this serial is an ideal illustration of how it’s about sentiment as well as shows how significant these connections are in our lives


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