How To Deal With Cigarette Addiction

How To Deal With Cigarette Addiction

Tobacco addiction has been one of the issues that millions of people have faced for the last decades. This problem has always been present in society. Each year there is over 5 million die from direct smoking. A million die from second-hand smoking. In the United States, 80% to 90% of deaths related to lung cancer are caused by tobacco smoking. This is a serious issue since the entire community is easily affected. Even those who do not smoke suffer from the consequences. They also get physically affected when people smoke near them. Even if they are not in the same room while smoking, tobacco can affect non-smokers since the smoke lingers in the room for hours after smoking. 

Many cigarette smokers smoke to help calm them down and lessen stress and anxiety. It is not easy to quit a habit, especially if you are already addicted. Fortunately, there are now alternatives for cigarettes like the delta 8 vape. In this article, we will talk about the alternatives to cigarette smoking to help people with addiction gradually slow down. 

Alternatives For Smoking

Opting for vapes

You cannot expect cigarette smokers to completely cut off connections from nicotine since their body is already addicted to it. That’s why a great option to lessen cigarette smoking is by using vapes. Vapes are the usual cigarette alternative since they give users similar effects but have lesser risks. It also contains nicotine but is lesser compared to cigarettes. Unlike cigarettes, vapes do not have tar and carbon monoxide. Those two chemicals are the most harmful elements found in cigarettes. Since vapes have nicotine, they can still give the user the feeling of euphoria and relaxation. Nicotine causes an increase in blood flow. It also triggers the adrenal gland, which releases more dopamine. Dopamine is the hormone that gives the user the sensation of pleasure and relaxation. 

Chewing gums and eating mint candies

A risk-free way of slowly quitting cigarettes is by chewing gum. Smokers are used to having cigarettes in their mouths that they smoke. Gums may not have those chemicals, but they can help them with the need to have something in their mouth. Chewing gum helps with the craving of the user. The same goes for eating mint candies. Candies allow the user to have something to chew on and eat. It is better if the candy is minty because it helps distract the user more from craving tobacco. Eating and chewing foods like gums and candies keep their mouth busy, which is something they are used to and has a psychological effect that helps them withdraw from nicotine. 

How To Resist Cigarette Cravings

Avoid triggers

Foods like coffee and alcohol can trigger cravings for tobacco. Avoid places like bars, coffee shops, and areas where people smoke. Stress, anxiety, sadness, and boredom can also be a trigger. When you feel those negative emotions, do other things that can help you relieve them in healthy ways. Instead of smoking, you can try going for a walk, talking to a friend, watching a movie, or whatever healthy coping mechanism you have. 


Whenever you start to crave, exercise a bit. It is better to get a membership from a gym to help you commit to exercising. You can lift weights or do cardio. Exercising stimulates your brain in a good way. While you are working out, your body also releases dopamine, the same hormone that helps you feel relaxed.

Throw all the supplies

You can’t have what you don’t have. If you still have some cigarettes, no matter how little it is, throw them away. Fighting yourself can be quite difficult, so to stop smoking cigarettes, just make sure you don’t have access to any of them. Once you throw the remaining supplies you have, under any circumstances, do not buy one. No matter how much you crave, do not go to the store to buy one. When shopping, avoid the sections where cigarettes and the likes are displayed. 


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