Digital marketing agency or SEO?

Digital marketing agency or SEO?

Many people wonder whether to prefer a digital marketing agency or an SEO service for their landing pages. That is very important to know the difference since many people do SEO online. But few of them can be said to be digital marketing agencies. 

The difference is huge. Agencies usually have more workers and can consolidate the services of graphics, computer scientists, data analysts, and SEO experts. On the other hand, SEO sole services are not that complete. and you need to have your own mind working to perform marketing ads for your site and be sure to rank higher on the organic ranking of Google and other popular search engines.

Below you will see the reasons why a digital marketing agency is always superior to a simple SEO service. No matter how cheap you may feel, paying some more money for the agency will give you a lot better results. And ensure that your site is complete with updated content. And ready to launch online and rank to the highest Google positions.

Digital Marketing Agency Has Account Managers

When you register and pay the fees for a digital marketing agency. You can feel sure that you will get assigned a dedicated account manager that will inform you about anything you want to know about your site. Not to mention that you can use the manager to give you all the necessary information about your competition

It’s their job to find the optimal solutions for your site. And that’s why having an account manager dedicated to your site is the best thing to do. Another issue is that you can work with the manager to get the latest marketing ideas for your site. Even when you want to create a smart google ad, then you need to have the experts’ advice on it. And start using the metrics that will give you a glimpse of the local market.

SEO Is Only done Off-page

While digital marketing agencies can work while your page runs online, there is not the same option with SEO. Most SEO experts work off-page at first. And then they transfer all the changes to the live version of your site. And if you have a WordPress site, that could be easily done. If not then you need to know more about coding and HTML so that you can design your page and adjust it according to your needs. An SEO expert can never perform the same things as the digital marketing agency no matter. If some of them claim they can do the same job with less money.

SEO doesn’t pay For Extra Amendments

It’s true that you need to pay more to get amendments to your site when you use an SEO service. That is because most SEO experts charge you per word or per hour of work. And you think it’s cheaper, but it’s more expensive in the long run. When being with a digital marketing agency, everything is included in the contract. You can ask for as many amendments as you like and expect them to be done without paying any extra penny. That is the magical feeling you get when you have a dedicated account manager for your site who will be responsible for all. It’s better to pay a flat fee for your site every year and have all the amendments included rather than paying the SEO expert multiple times and not having the same results.

Only a Digital Marketing Agency Be Creative

Finally, you can be more creative with a digital marketing agency and expect to get more specialized solutions for your site. That of course, compared to the single SEO expert that has limited time to deal with your site. And has other clients that absorb much of their time.

When you register with a digital marketing agency. You are sure that the account manager will listen to your wills and fears and try to find the right experts to do the job for you. It’s easier to have the agency taking care of all rather than looking for SEO that only does content creation and will never look deeper into your site’s needs.


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