How to launch a test in DeltaMath and access the hidden resources

How to launch a test in DeltaMath and access the hidden resources


DeltaMath is a great learning tool for students who need to practice math skills. But, there’s more you can do with this program than just solving problems! Every student has their own way of learning and studying, so here are some tips on how to maximize your use of the hidden resources in DeltaMath:

To find the answers, go to your “My Homework” page.

To find the answers, go to your “My Homework” page.

Select the assignment you’re working on and click on the “My Homework” link. You will see a list of all of your homework assignments in DeltaMath, along with their due dates and solutions.

Click on your DeltaMath assignment.

To launch your DeltaMath test, click on any of your assignments. You should be able to see a list of all of the assignments that you have completed in DeltaMath.

If you have not yet created an account and logged into your account, please do so now by clicking here: Sign Into Your Account.

Then, switch to “Teacher View”.

To switch to Teacher View, click on the grey triangle in the corner of your screen. Or you can click on “Teacher View” in the top right corner of your screen. In Teacher View, you can see all of your students’ answers and resources.

You can also grade each student’s work and see their scores. Teacher View is an essential tool for teachers, because you can use it to check your students’ progress and make sure they’re on the right track. You’ll be able to identify areas of strength or weakness in your students’ knowledge base and provide them with additional resources as needed.

The answers are right there!

If you’re like me, the answer to this question is “yes.” I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have a hard time seeing what’s going on in my math class. I need help! And if there were an easy way for me to see how my students are doing on their tests and what they’ve learned from the lesson well, that would be amazing.

That’s where teacher view comes in: it allows teachers to access hidden resources within DeltaMath so that they can see exactly what their students are learning and whether or not they understand it well enough for them to move forward with their grades.

All you have to do is change views.

All you have to do is change views.

To get started, go to the “My Homework” page and select an assignment from your list of assignments. This will open a new window with more information about that assignment including test questions and answers. You can also access this information by clicking on any question mark icon in DeltaMath’s interface (to the left of each question).


I hope this article has helped you understand how to get started with DeltaMath, and that you feel encouraged to dive in. We’re always excited to hear from our users, so please get in touch if we can help you further!


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