Get Your $100 Amazon Gift Card Free Now

Get Your $100 Amazon Gift Card Free Now


Whether you want to splurge on some fashionable new threads or finally grab that kitchen gadget you’ve had your eye on, this is your chance to shop without spending a dime. So tune in as I walk you through step-by-step how to claim this $100 Amazon Gift Card freebie. Getting free money has never been easier, so let’s get started!

How to Get Your Free $100 Amazon Gift Card

$100 Amazon Gift Card

Who doesn’t love free money? Amazon is giving away $100 gift cards, and here’s how you can claim your freebie.

Sign Up for Amazon’s Product Testing Program

Amazon regularly recruits customers to test and review products to help determine if they’re a good fit for selling on their site. As an incentive, they offer free gift cards for participating. It’s called Amazon Vine, and anyone can apply to become a Vine Voice member.

To get started, go to and click “Join now.” You’ll have to meet a few basic qualifications like having an active Amazon account for at least a year and a track record of leaving product reviews. Amazon wants to know you’ll take the job seriously!

If accepted into the program, you’ll get an email from Amazon with links to select sample products you can order for free in exchange for an honest review. After receiving and testing the items, you post your reviews on Amazon’s site within 14 days. Do this a few times, and you’ll earn enough points for a $100 eGift card.

Refer Friends to Amazon Prime

Another easy way to score a free Amazon gift card is by referring friends and family to sign up for Amazon Prime. For each person who starts a 30-day free Prime trial or paid membership using your unique referral link, you’ll get a $10 credit. Once you’ve referred 10 people, you’ll earn a $100 gift card.

To get started, sign in to your Amazon account and go to Follow the instructions to share your referral link via email, social media or on your own website. Anyone who clicks your link, starts a Prime free trial and converts to a paid membership will earn you credits towards a free gift card. The more people you refer to, the more you earn!

Between product testing and member referrals, you have a couple of straightforward ways to get free money from Amazon. Why not give one a try? A little effort on your part could pay off with a nice $100 surprise in your inbox.

Why Amazon Is Giving Away Free $100 Gift Cards

$100 Amazon Gift Card

Ever wonder why Amazon, one of the largest companies in the world, gives away free money in the form of gift cards? At first glance, it may seem strange that Amazon would just give away $100 to random people. However, there are a few reasons why Amazon offers these gift card giveaways.

Drive More Sales

The main reason Amazon does gift card giveaways is to drive more sales and spending on their site. Once someone redeems a $100 Amazon gift card, they will likely spend that $100 on Amazon right away. And often, people end up spending more than the gift card amount when shopping on Amazon. So while Amazon is giving you a gift card for $100, they are likely gaining a customer who will spend $200 or more. It’s a win-win for Amazon.

Gain New Customers

Free gift cards are also a great way for Amazon to gain new customers. The giveaways often require people to sign up for an Amazon account to redeem the card. Many of those new account holders end up becoming long-term, loyal customers of Amazon. The $100 gift card giveaway essentially pays for itself by turning new people into dedicated Amazon shoppers.

Build Goodwill

Finally, Amazon gift card giveaways build goodwill and word-of-mouth marketing. When people win a free $100 gift card, they will likely tell their friends and family about it. This spreads positive word-of-mouth advertising about Amazon. It also makes people feel good that a huge company like Amazon is giving back. This goodwill can translate into more sales and brand loyalty over the long run.

In the end, Amazon’s gift card giveaways are a smart marketing tactic. While they may lose a small amount of money up front, the lifetime value of new and loyal customers they gain is well worth the initial $100 gift card investment. Pretty clever move, Amazon!

What You Can Buy With Your $100 Amazon Gift Card

With a $100 gift card to spend on, the possibilities are almost endless. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

Use of Gift Card

Examples of Items

Stock up on essentials Laundry detergent, paper towels, trash bags, toilet paper
Treat yourself to self-care Scented candle, essential oil diffuser, cozy pajamas, slippers, book, fitness tracker
Get tech accessories Phone case, Bluetooth speaker, wireless charger, small tech gadgets
Buy gifts for others Scented lotion gift sets, kitchen gadgets, movie boxed sets, Lego sets
Save for a bigger purchase Allocate towards an item exceeding $100, apply at checkout when ready

The possibilities are endless with a $100 Amazon gift card. Whether you splurge on yourself, buy essentials, get gifts for others or save for something bigger, you really can’t go wrong. Happy shopping!

Tips for Maximizing Your $100 Amazon Gift Card

$100 Amazon Gift Card

Congratulations on receiving a $100 Amazon gift card! That amount of free money can go a long way if used wisely. Here are some tips to get the most out of your gift card balance:

Check for any current promotions. Amazon frequently runs special offers like “spend $50, get $10 back” or “use code ABC123 for 30% off”. See if any deals apply to your order to stretch your gift card further.

Look for highly-rated yet affordable products. Sort items by “average customer review” to find well-rated products, then filter by price to only see options within your budget. You’ll get quality items without breaking the bank.

Buy in bulk when possible. For pantry staples or household supplies you know you’ll use, a larger size or multi-pack is often a better value. Stock up on things like paper towels, snacks, pet food or hygiene products.

Use your gift card to rent ebooks or stream movies. If you enjoy reading ebooks, renting a book is much more budget-friendly than buying one. Or binge-watch a few movies or TV shows through Amazon Prime Video. Entertainment is a great way to use your balance without actually buying a physical product.

Fill up your cart but don’t check out right away. Add products you’re interested in to reach $100 in your cart, but don’t complete the order immediately. Wait a day or two, and Amazon may offer you a special discount code for a percentage off your order to encourage you to buy. If they do, your gift card will go even further.

Consider an Amazon Warehouse deal. Warehouse deals offer 20-40% off items that have been pre-owned or returned, but are still in great condition. You can find some amazing bargains on products from tech to home goods. Just double check the item condition and return policy before purchasing.

With some strategic shopping, you can maximize the value from your $100 Amazon gift card and maybe even have a balance left over for your next order. Happy shopping and enjoy your gift!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Free $100 Amazon Gift Card

Is the $100 Amazon Gift Card free? 

Absolutely, this offer is 100% free with no strings attached. You will not be signing up for any paid subscriptions or services by claiming your gift card.

Do I have to enter my credit card information to get the gift card? 

No, we do not require any payment information like credit card numbers to send you your free Amazon Gift Card.

How can I claim my free $100 Amazon Gift Card?

Claiming your gift card is easy. Simply fill out the short form on our website with your name and email address. We will then send you the gift card code to redeem on

How long does it take to receive the gift card code after submitting the claim form? 

We aim to deliver gift card codes within 1 business day of receiving a completed claim form. The exact time will depend on the volume of claims we are processing, but you can expect your code in 24 to 48 hours.

What can I buy with a $100 Amazon Gift Card? 

A $100 Amazon Gift Card can be used to purchase millions of items on like:

  • Electronics – Kindle e-readers, Echo devices, headphones, etc.
  • Home & Kitchen – Small appliances, decor, linens, tools, etc. •Books – Physical books, ebooks, audiobooks, comics, etc.
  • Clothing & Accessories – Clothes, shoes, jewelry, handbags, and more
  • And so much more! Amazon has nearly every product you can imagine.

The gift card credit can also be used for Amazon services like Prime membership, Amazon Music, Kindle Unlimited, and Amazon Fresh grocery delivery. The possibilities are endless!

How long do I have to use the gift card? Amazon Gift Cards do not expire, so you can use the $100 credit at any time after you redeem the code we provide. The funds will remain in your Amazon account until you make purchases that use up the balance.


So there you have it. While nothing’s free, this deal gets you pretty close with a $100 Amazon gift card that can get you almost anything you want. Sure, you’ll spend some time filling out a few surveys, but that’s a small price to pay for all that spending money. Just imagine the new tech gadget or cute outfit that will show up at your door in a few days, all courtesy of a couple hours clicking survey buttons. And who knows, you may discover an interesting new site or app along the way. So give it a try – your next Amazon splurge awaits!

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